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Sarah is the soprano for Champagne at the Blitz hitting those crystal clear and sometimes very high notes complementing the other parts to create balanced and beautifully blended harmonies.

Sarah is trained in Performing Arts, classical singing and piano.
She currently works for the UK's largest contemporary choir, Rock Choir, teaching harmony singing and dancing to adult choirs in various locations across Hampshire and Surrey.
Being a Rock Choir leader has given Sarah some amazing opportunities to perform from choir appearances:

at the Royal Albert Hall for the Royal Winter Whites Charity Gala
as well as TV (The Alan Titchmarsh Show, The One Show)
and national radio (the Live Lounge at BBC Radio 1 for rock week,
Clare Balding's Sunday Morning Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2 aired from Arrowpark Hospital, Merseyside),
to solo performances at big iconic venues such as the Liverpool Echo Arena and the London O2 Arena. 

"Teaching choirs and singing with the girls means that I am lucky enough to say I love my job! I get so much from music and to share that with many different people is a privilege.
Performing as Champagne at The Blitz and helping Jen choreograph our moves gives me the opportunity to indulge my creative side.
Working as a trio allows us all to grow personally but also develops our creativity as performers collectively, our aim is to bring that romantic, nostalgic 1940's vibe into our performances today.
There is nothing like seeing the faces and hearing the comments of our audience, some of whom heard these songs the first time around and brings back a lot of memories for them.
We get to perform at some incredible events and shows which means there is never a dull moment in the life of the Champagne girls!" - Sarah